Raymond Vermeer
Raymond is a man who I have met through an analog community that has been growing in the Netherlands. It's called Analog Club Amsterdam, ACA. In this online group I met Raymon and I saw the pictures he had taken on a half-frame camera and asked him if I could us it for my inspiration blog since I loved these pictures. A few days later Raymond mailed me all the pictures of the roll and this story. I selected the pictures I liked most.
I find these pictures awesome simple because of color and how Raymond framed all of the pictures next to eachother. It makes everything pleasing to look at and not too complicated.

About The Roll:
So these are taken on the Olympus Pen FT, it had been my dream camera for years. 
Been bidding for a while but it would either be getting to an extreme price that I wasn’t comfortable paying or it would be gone before even opening the ‘we found a match’ email on marktplaats. 
Then comes last august, there was one available on Marktplaats and I got my mind set on it for real this time. No matter what, I would get it. 
So I’m in this bidding war with this other potential buyer, when all of the sudden the seller messages me that he ‘settled a deal with the other buyer’. I was so pissed, because this all happened in their private chat, I couldn’t have outbid him that way. 
Anyway, I lost, boohoo. 

One week later, ANOTHER Pen FT get’s listed and as if I wasn’t dedicated enough last time, this time I would for sure get it. Messaged the guy, probably bid way too high, but fair enough… I got the camera! 
So I texted my boyfriend about this marvellous event, since he knows about the whole debacle the week before. A few minutes later he calls me: ‘babe … is there any way you can cancel that order?’. 
Turns out he was the other bidder! He had bought it for my birthday, which isn’t due for months, but because they’re so rare, he pushed his luck of me not being able to get it before he could give it to me. 
Wasn’t able to cancel the order of course, so for now I’ve got two. The irony. 
This is essentially a test roll since I’m planning to sell it later, not until I’ve tested the other camera though, haha. All pictures are taken during the summer break with the boyfriend, seeing his face on some of these shots, knowing the backstory of this camera, makes me very happy.