Literally Me
The series ‘Literally Me’ is about the different ways in which I present myself to society. To see the different ways in which I present myself I first had to watch myself as objectively as possible. I did this by moving around in the studio on my own for two hours.
The motivation to call this series ‘Literally Me’ is because of a movement that started last year on social media. In this movement men identify themselves with certain characters in movies and shows who had a troubled past. For example in Blade Runner 2049 (spoilers ahead) the main character discovers something horrible about his past halfway through the movie. He thought he was a clone, so not born biologically.
Halfway through the movie he discovers he is actually biologically born and he his memories of the past are real. Because of this he experiences extreme pain and confusion. In this movie you can see how the trouble past of the main character changes the way he behaves and feels.
I think I found this very comforting to see in some degree. I resonated with the main character because I’ve had troubled past myself. This also gave me extreme pain and confusion of which I had no clue what to do with.
This series of photos I’ve made shows the different ways in which I present myself to the world while experiencing this pain and confusion. The feelings I had, and have differ from day to day.
I have always had the feeling that being a man you can’t be weak. And I think a lot of men think the same. In this photo series I show myself to society. And I show myself as I truly am and not how I am supposed to be, according to society.